Chapter 8.5

Hello! I’m ready to finish their lifetime wishes, they both had some tedious ones. Looks like Chili hasn’t seen a shower in awhile.


Cherry: I promised you were going to be my last.
Cinder: Your last what?


Cinder: Well shit.


Cherry: You’re still hot stuff to me.


Her lifetime wish isn’t complete yet because she still needs to max her charisma. Its almost done. So damn close.

TS3 2017-11-02 12-07-38-89

Found one of Cupids old notifications. I’ll take it.

TS3 2017-11-02 12-44-59-16

I guess she doesnt mind his looks right now.


Peppermint had her birthday. She’s so pretty.


I keep meaning to fix her eye shadow, but I keep forgetting. It really bothers me.


These two just wont stop.


Cinder: Lets not do that again.
Cherry: Did you die though?


Cherry: Look at you!


Still got a long way to go buddy.

TS3 2017-11-03 16-12-12-88

Cherry is done! I took her down to the toadstool and had her meet every single person that came in. That’s all that was needed.

TS3 2017-11-03 16-09-10-14

Cinder is almost there. He hasn’t done anything since Cupid was a child. Wow, just noticing that. Time to get crackin’!

TS3 2017-11-02 12-47-34-01

I guess they get along great?


Cherry: Cinder got me back. I am a tragic clown.


TS3 2017-11-07 18-34-20-02

Chili: Can you do that somewhere else.


Chili: OMG what just happened?!
Chili reacted late.


Cinder: Go to bed.
And with that, Cinder completes his lifetime wish! I accidently deleted the notification 😦


I dont even want to know whats going on here.


Cupid: Don you just love fairies?


Poor Cinder. Chattering teeth and inner beauty.


Cherry: Cinder, your daughter needs to learn some manners.


Cinder: Bone lady come out!


Bonehilda: Its about damn time you show me. I am what makes supernatural.


Peppermint graduates at home.


TS3 2017-11-07 18-57-14-76

Cinder is glad to be back to his beautiful self.


It was also time for Ebony to have her birthday.


She graduated soon after as well.

TS3 2017-11-07 20-12-40-18

So there was a reason why Peppermint never moved out and that’s because she is going to co-heir with Ebony! I’ve never had two, but I love them both so much I couldn’t choose just one. Next time they take over wit Seasons!


Torch Holders: 8
Sim Failing School:
Visit from Service Sim:3
Passing Out:23
Accidental Death:
Social Worker Visit:
Total Births: 20
Twin Births:1
Triplet Births:
Quad Births: 1
Fulfilling LTW:10
Achieving Honor Roll: 32
Randomizing every LTW choices for a whole generation:8
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation:7
Every 100,000 dollars:1 (They’re still relatively poor for being in their 8th generation)
Having a NPS Spouse reach the top of their career:1


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