Chapter 11.1

Welcome to the new Generation! I am actually done with this generation in real time and I have to say, this one went by really quick. I think this will actually be the shortest generation recorded in this family. I think its mainly because of Persimmon’s lifetime wish. There is only so much collecting I’m going to show until it becomes so repeptive. First thing Persimmon does, is buy a houseboat. No more land-living for this guy.


While driving away from the port,  I realize we have a stowaway.


He’ll never leave again.


Pumpkin shows up for graduation, I think. Or maybe he was just there?


Lets hope he doesnt get electrocuted.

TS3 2018-03-10 19-58-29-05


The stowaway was colored and named Triton.


It was time to work on that scuba diving skill. I want to go diving!


TS3 2018-03-10 20-45-44-92

I’m kind of pissed that only the seashells and sea-life count toward his lifetime wish.

TS3 2018-03-10 20-45-52-78

It doesnt take long for him to get to dive at Rocky Reef. Unfortunately its all the way on the other side of the map, so we’ll move the houseboat over there.


All right, time to dive for the first time!


He snags himself some fish and a couple of shells.


Being a beginner, he only had a couple hours to be there.

TS3 2018-03-10 20-56-33-16

The water is so gorgeous. I took out my lighting mod just to see Isla Paradiso in all its glory.


I forgot to do his make-over. fml. I’ll fix those shoes like I fixed Peppermint’s eye shadow…never.


We’re back at it again. This time he found an entrance to another location, but his skill wasn’t up enough to actually go.


TS3 2018-03-10 21-10-07-52

Well, that’s embarrassing.


Haha cute.

TS3 2018-03-10 21-14-35-43

All the mermaids are freaking elders. Really game?


I invited this one back up and gave her a make-over. I was going to cure her and than make her a mermaid again so she keeps the make-over in mermaid form, but there was like zero chemistry between the two.




I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever seen this moodlet.

TS3 2018-03-10 23-34-45-13

He ran to the nearest island to get sick.



We found the easy island.

TS3 2018-03-10 23-36-44-37


I think I’ll try and unlock all the islands I can. Probably wont be able to unlock the lifeguard career one because we’re not going to do that. I got something else in mind. Meanwhile, we finally get to visit Davy Jones Locker. Got some treasure!


Back at home it was time for Kale to have his birthday.


Harlequin, his romantic interest had her birthday the day before.


There’s a mermaid, hurry and go say hi!
Persimmon: But I’m nervous.


I randomized her in CAS and than colored her. She was made into a mermaid and plopped down.


She accepted the flowers!


I’m happy to report that these two have great chemistry.

TS3 2018-03-11 22-04-52-73

TS3 2018-03-11 22-06-32-78

So great that he got his first kiss.


I know this was a short introduction to generation 11, but I have more coming.

Torch Holders: 11
Sim Failing School:
Visit from Service Sim:3
Passing Out:35
Accidental Death:
Social Worker Visit:
Total Births: 26
Twin Births:3
Triplet Births:
Quad Births: 1
Fulfilling LTW:12
Achieving Honor Roll: 48
Randomizing every LTW choices for a whole generation:10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation:10
Every 100,000 dollars:5
Having a NPS Spouse reach the top of their career:1


3 thoughts on “Chapter 11.1

      • I agree with you, on both points. And it’s annoying that so many of the cool new things can’t be done outside of IP without modding help. I did successfully transport one dive spot, but have never been able to get the Lifeguard career to work outside IP.

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