Chapter 11.4

Wow, this generation just flew on by! Actually, I just had a lot of fun playing it so I basically played as much as I could. When we last left off, it was almost time for Valerian’s teen birthday and her fairy friend was there. For some reason, Persimmon wanted some fairy dust from her. She was generous enough to give him some.


The second resort had a rocky start, but its now bringing in some money.


I think these two made a great pair. It was nice having two back to back loving couples.


Beautiful sunset.


Now its time for her birthday.


Before make-over, I found that Alabaster and Valerian have great news.

TS3 2018-03-27 01-14-40-77

TS3 2018-03-27 01-15-52-20

Back to the birthday.


I did enable Into The Future, so she gets the Unstable trait. I am definitely going to regret this one. Her eye shadow also look so much better in CAS, oh well.


About this time is when I started getting errors on all the rabbit holes in IP. Resetting the town did not help, so they moved to Sunset Valley a little earlier than expected. Please excuse Rain and Persimmons sobbing as they were dropped off into this house. I had promised them a beach front lot, so that’s what they’ll get.


Waiting so patiently for Valerian.


I got used to not seeing the ghost all of this generation, oh god this going to be bad when they all start coming out.


The gnomes are back. I seem to be missing the graduation gnome.


Now that they are back to needing the cars again, I have Persimmon teach Valerian how to drive.


Afterwards, instead of coming home she went out to play in the ocean. While I love the mermaids, she will be trading her scales for the bot fan trait.


Oh for crying out loud, we haven’t even been here one night and this bitch wants to come steal our stuff.


Not today, not today. I learned.


I put the walls down to see the police car and I caught the evil gnome enjoying this scene way too much. 


The cops bust in and take care of business.


The whole thing had Valerian feeling out of sorts.

TS3 2018-03-27 21-39-45-31

She had to calm herself down.


I guess she wanted to be admitted. The breathing technique works though.

TS3 2018-03-27 21-38-32-79

Poor Triton, no one had filled up his bowl.


Oh my Persimmon is having his birthday.


He makes a cute old man ❤


They’re taking over the house!


Again, she has a moment.


Persimmon desperately wants grandkids. I’m still unsure if I will have any for this last generation. This little girl will quickly become friends with Persimmon.


Good thing they made honor roll.

TS3 2018-03-28 00-17-31-02TS3 2018-03-28 00-17-34-98 

I forgot about Alabaster’s birthday.


He ages up lovely.


Meanwhile, Valerian wasn’t feeling good at school.

TS3 2018-03-27 21-51-52-03

I seem to have lost my potent cure elixir and hoped to find one at the consignment shop. He ran into Pumpkin there.


I found this cane in his inventory and had him start using it.


The next day was leisure day and I thought why not throw a party. Agnes, the lone survivor of the MC total annihilation moment, crashed the party. It looks like she has settled on being a vampire.


I noticed Rumberry was there and was surprised to see her still alive. I see why now, she traded her wolfism for vampirism.


Her scales are so pretty, I am going to miss them.


It was Rain’s birthday as well.


I will not be fixing those bushy eyebrows or make-up.


Oh yay!

TS3 2018-03-28 01-11-30-40

Aw, Sage. I do miss him.


I had saved and quit at the moment. I had enough of the mermaids almost dying of hungry and put back in my mod so they can eat whatever.


Apparently doing this caused the school to kick Valerian out, so she came home to get yelled out.


I sent her back to school and at the end of day got yanked over there. I seen she had expire in her queue and I about threw my keyboard. I teleported Persimmon over there, but it was too late.


She was in good health when she left, what the actual fuck just happened?


Oh my god…


She died of dehydration. Its her fucking birthday too.


Persimmon collects her grave and I take my own deep breaths trying to weigh my options. They are too old to have any more kids, I could wait and see if Persimmon gets the ‘Oh My Ghost’ opportunity, quit without saving, bring back Alabaster and finish it off with him. I then remember that Persimmon has a ton of reward points and get the genie lamp.

TS3 2018-03-28 18-00-29-60


Oh thanks Mango. Go ahead and add to their misery by dying too.


As soon as I go to make the wish, the game crashes. I have to say, it was a crash welcomed. This time she makes it home…alive.


She gets to have her damn birthday.



Welcome Valerian Whisp, the girl who almost died, to the end of the legacy. Wow, Lily’s lips look really good on her.


That’s it for generation 11. I’m stopping here because I was seriously stressed out.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 11.4

  1. OMG, mermaids are *so* hard to take care of. Fully agree with modding the eating thing, but the hydration thing is also annoying. I didn’t actually know that they could die from it, so thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to keep an eye on my baby boom kiddies.

    For once, a game crash is a good thing!

  2. Valerian is a little bit scary. She makes me think of Glory from Buffy the vampire slayer. Even though they don’t look alike.

    Mermaids when controllable are bad enough, let alone when not. Being on a beach lot can help as they sometimes go swimming on their won for that darn salt water requirement.

    It’s nice when a crash is helpful.

    • I usually really like playing with mermaids, but when I can control them. I think the next time I try this, I’m going to make it a regular legacy so I don’t keep almost killing them.

      I didn’t really like Valerian as a teen but I think she kind of grew into her face. To me her eyes really stand out especially in the dark. Can look a bit scary lol

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